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Long Style Duck Down OvercoatProduct Type: Down Jacket
Model Number: EHWHP011
Shell Color:Black with special design
Lining color:Printed

Product Type:  Down Jacket      

Model Number: EHWHP011

Shell Color:Black with special design

Lining color:Printed

Age Group: Adults                                        

Shell Material:100% Nylon

Filling Material:90% Down 10%Polyester

Fabric Type: Woven fabric

Design:The New style different from normal print style, make sure this is the Unique for you

We could make the mould for any reagent bottles for your special requirements.

long style duck down overcoat 1.jpglong style duck down overcoat 2.jpglong style duck down overcoat 3.jpglong style duck down overcoat 4.jpglong style duck down overcoat 5.jpglong style duck down overcoat 6.jpglong style duck down overcoat size.jpg

Range of measurement: from the ear to the tail root.

Measurement method: when measuring, the left hand grasped the tail root of the fox (the tail root is 2cm from the hindquarters), and put the point in the zero scale position of the ruler. The right hand holds the earpiece, the thumb holds the lower part of the ear root, and straightens the fox skin. At the same time, the thumb is vertically aligned to the ruler, and the reading is the standard length of the fox skin.

Note: to reach the boundary size, the skin will be reduced to the next size; The leather fertilizer went up to the last size.

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