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How To Tell Real From Fake Fur
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How To Tell Real From Fake Fur


Natural fur with fire will black carbide ash immediately, and have hair smell.

Artificial fur is chemical products, as well as plastic from oil extract.There is a burn plastic smell and melt immediately.Buring residue is ball is artificial fur.


With the hand gently parted hair see hair and skin joint.

Natural fur has a 3-4 hair evenly distributed on the skin.It's difficult pluck out hairs.

Artificial fur has obious warp and weft by knitting.It's easily pluck out hairs. 


Natural fur is long and hard guard hair and soft fur.All knids of hair length,color,length,density,feeling is have difference at different positions of the whole piece of leather.

Artificial fur is neat,generally and hair luster is coarser.

How To Tell Real From Fake Fur

How To Tell Real From Fake Fur

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