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A down jacket distinguishes between good and bad
Apr 28, 2018

The manufacturer, usually formal, will indicate the packing material on the product. If the product is marked as "250g 600FP 90% white duck down", it refers to the white duck down with the down jacket of 250 grams, which is about 90% of the size.

It is easy to feel with the hand, and it is not obvious that there is a high amount of wool in the hand, but low in the wool. But note that if you don't feel anything, you're likely to use a feathered down jacket. Floss is the short silky hair that falls off the feather during the feather processing, and has a poor heat retention, and also has no unkempt, after washing and caking.

(3), observe the feather of resilience: down jacket resilience to a certain extent, reflects the down volume, can be put down after pressing, can look down jacket in a relatively short period of time reply original state.

How to distinguish the fabric from the advantages and disadvantages, choose the down jacket made by famous fabric manufacturer, the safety factor is higher.

It is necessary to distinguish between the two types of fabrics, so as to better judge whether the fabric is in line with your needs. Waterproof coating (coated) fabric is relatively hard; Use your fingers to sip the surface fabric, and if it's obvious that there's a layer of cloth inside, it's a flannelette. The lightest is soft and only one layer is high-density waterproof fabric. There is a large amount of fabric used in the market, which is made of ordinary woven fabric for anti-wool treatment. The fabric has poor air permeability and is not selected as far as possible.

The fabric should be flawless, which means jumping yarn, color spot and so on.

In terms of the current textile technology, the weight and permeability of the fabric and the velvet resistance of the fabric are a pair of contradictory combinations. Therefore, the majority of travelers need to choose a balance point here, to make clear a concept: not 100% velvet down jacket is a good down jacket.