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Down jacket cleaning method
Apr 28, 2018

Down jacket is necessary winter clothes in the home, and light warm and comfortable to wear, but also is always not easy to clean, if improper cleaning may cause some damage to clothes, and do the ugly white stains will exist, no matter how dry also has a lot of cases, but you can read some down jacket on the washing label, generally a lot of can't be dry-cleaned, which may have effects on warmth retention property of clothing,

1. First, prepare a basin of warm water, not too hot, and put a proper amount of detergent in the water.

2, put down jacket inside began after cleansing, soak for 10 minutes, dirty place must use a soft brush or use toothbrush to wash, to focus and not too dirty place is under the brush

3. After the brush is clean, don't twist the twist to squeeze the water, and then keep it down to the bottom.

4, washed 2 times, it will be time for tips, in the water drip into the vinegar, edible vinegar can be in the home, the dosage of general cooking alone, put down jacket inside soak 5-10 minutes, roughly rubbing, note that when air along the grain hands on extrusion can, hung out to dry.

Local cleaning: if the down jacket is only a bit dirty, it is not necessary to clean the whole thing. Because ordinary down jacket fabric is not afraid of water, as long as a few drops of collar clean or washing spirit in dirty place, after a few minutes dry with wet towel can decontamination. If it's not clean, repeat it a few more times.

Whole cleaning: to avoid filling material by excess alkali erosion, can choose a small amount of neutral detergent or detergent, reconcile with 35 degrees Celsius warm water, soak your clothes completely in the wash water for 15 minutes; Put the clothes in the washing basin with a washboard or other tablet, with a soft brush brush clean dirt, in turn can't forcibly knead, in case of tie down, then squeeze liquid detergent, but do not force twist clothes; Rinse down jacket in a net of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, in order to avoid too much water down, the weight is too big, deformation when dry, to do not drop, take the clothes out on the ventilated place dry, not exposure or baking. When drying, use the hand or small stick to pat gently, so that the feather return to the natural and fluffy state.

In order to avoid the down jacket fabrics on soap stains, in addition to properly grasp the washing liquid concentration, after up twice, can be in clean water into two small spoon vinegar, vinegar can neutralize residual detergents in the down jacket. However, it must be noted that the water must be warm, so that the washing liquid in the down jacket will be fully dissolved in the water. If the down jacket after washing has been stained with soap, can use clean cotton to dip in the industrial alcohol to wipe repeatedly, the last use the hot towel to wipe, the soap stain can be removed.