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Down jacket five taboo
Apr 28, 2018

Avoid size selection. The down coat will increase the flow of air between the clothes and the human body, the body temperature will be lost quickly, and too thin will reduce the gap in the down jacket, which will contain less static air, thus reducing the warmth.

2 avoid scalding. Down jacket in chemical fiber fabrics, such as nylon for nylon fabric heat resistance is poor, when the temperature reaches 160 ℃, and will be out of shape, so wear coats to avoid heat pipe, the hot ash and firecrackers fallout of cigarettes, etc.

3 avoid improper washing. Apply soft brush to wash down jacket, do not use washboard, also can not twist.

4 avoid washing over frequency. The down jacket can be washed completely, but because of the poor down strength, often washing can make down the down, the knot, reduce the warmth.

5 avoid exposure. Nylon fabric is afraid of the sun exposure, under the sun long exposure can make nylon fabric fiber aging.