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Fur maintenance method
Jun 25, 2018

Indoor storage:

1. It is better to hang on the dark, low temperature and well ventilated and dry environment.

2. Fur garments should be hung in a special hangar with wide neck and wide shoulders, and covered with silk garment, which is stored in the closet of air circulation.

Fur cleaning process

3. There should be at least 6 cm space between fur and other clothes to "breathe" fur.

Don't contaminate fur with other chemicals.

5. In the summer, special attention should be paid to avoiding the damage of high temperature and humidity and insect ants.

Outdoor protection:

Keep away from heat when wearing fur.

Do not place fur in strong sunlight or hot water pipe or steam pipe.

If you sit for a long time, take off your fur to avoid crushing it.

4. Pay attention to whether the items you bring with you can damage your fur. In particular, bags with metal chains wear out furs.

5. Wearing a silk scarf can keep the oil from the skin so that it doesn't stain the fur collar.

Never use a sharp object to scratch fur.

Don't spray your fur with perfume. This makes the fur hard, brittle and even gives off a nasty smell.

Don't try to comb your fur with a comb.

9. Don't give up because of the rain and snow weather wear fur, if the surface is wet, want to hold the armpit of fur lining, pick up and shake a few times, will shake off its surface water drops, it hang dry in the shade dry naturally.

10. The best way to solve any problem is to give it to a professional fur care shop.


Outdoor protection

(1) fur is definitely a winter. When wearing fur clothing, please stay away from heat sources, especially the heating machine, because dry heat will absorb the lack of quality in the fur, making the fur hard and brittle.

(2) special attention should be paid to meals in restaurants. Fur clothing had better don't put it on the left luggage office, because the space is too small, there you can put the fur carefully folded on the cfur, and asked the waiter with a large clothing collar for a horse, and don't hang it on a hook or shelf. In a nutshell, fur also needs a place to eat, but it has to stay away from the table.

(3) if you are sitting in a car or movie theater for a long time, take off your fur and clothing to avoid pressing it. When folding, be sure to pay attention to the side of the fur.

(4) pay attention to whether the items you bring with you will damage your fur. For example, the straps of a small bag, especially one with a metal chain, will wear out fur. If you are a man with a briefcase, please be careful not to let the bag contact with the fur for a long time.

(5) there are some details that should not be ignored. For example, don't button anything in fur, but also notice whether the metal on the watch or bracelet will often rub into the cuffs of the fur garment.

(6) wearing a silk scarf can keep the oil and cosmetics on the skin from wearing the fur collar. If you accidentally leave your makeup on the fur, be careful when erasing it, usually better to hand it over to a professional.

(7) don't use sharp objects to scrape the fur. The damage to the fur will be great.

(8) don't spray perfume on fur. The alcohol in the perfume makes the fur hard and crisp, and the oil sometimes gives off a nasty smell.

Don't try to comb your fur with a comb. If the fur on the fur is not smooth, curly, knot, etc., it is recommended that you send it to the professional department to deal with it.

(10) don't give up wearing fur clothes because of the rain or snow. If the fur coat is wet, just grab the underarm part of the fur lining, lift it up and shake it, shake it off, and hang it in a dry, cool place. Never heat or bake in the sun. After dry, pat fur is ok. If it doesn't look as beautiful as it used to be, it can be sent to a shop that specializes in the maintenance of fur.