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Sheep leather is soft and stretchy
Apr 28, 2018

Sheep leather is soft, stretchy, soft and smooth, with fine grain and clear skin. The pore of sheep leather is small and oblong, make a group by several pore, pore is clear, platoon growth column, distribution is even. The grain surface is smooth, detailed, the intensity is small, the extension is large, the soft richness is good.

Our country is a wide variety of sheep skin, the existing main products for the Mongolian sheep and Tibetan sheep, kazak sheep skin, cold skin, sheepskin, xinjiang fine wool sheep leather, sheepskin, TanYangPi, three north lake sheep, etc. According to the purpose of the sheep skin and wool type characteristic, sheep skin generally divided into three categories, namely this kind of sheep, improved sheep and hybrid sheep, sheep, Tibet lamb, sheep and three norths because of its unique breed, so the singleton join account). This kind of sheepskin has the characteristics of long wool, loose hair, clear hair and clear skin. It can be made into various leather clothes, leather pants, leather gloves and leather shoes. Improved sheep skin with fine, uniform hair, small bending. After making fur, it can be made of shearing skin, dyed in various colors, imitation otter fleece, and made into fur, leather hat, leather collar and skin plate. The hybrid sheepskin consists of a beach sheepskin, a lake sheepskin, and three northern sheepskins, which are of different quality, but are used in the same way as this kind of sheepskin. The skins of sheep that are not suitable for making fur can be used for making leather. They are called sheep skin, and their leather is fine, soft and stretchy. Sheepskin leather is often made into leather, gloves and small leather goods.

Sheep's baby fur is called lamb skin and the product is divided into this kind of lamb skin and improved lamb skin. According to the length of the hair, it can be divided into small hair, medium hair and large hair lamb skin. The hair is short, the pattern is obvious, suitable for making fur coat, leather hat and so on; Long hair, coarse and uneven, can be made into overcoat, skin plate and collar.

Sheep breed is spread all over the country, with the number of north area, sheep wool is the important raw material of China's textile industry.