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Sheep skin characteristics and origin
Apr 28, 2018

China has a wide range of sheep, a variety of varieties, and the northwest region produces about 50% of the total sheep, among which xinjiang is famous. The animal husbandry in Inner Mongolia has always been developed, once known as "valley cattle and sheep", and hebei province is also rich in sheepskin, known as "mouth skin" (i.e. Zhangjiakou and nearby) and "leather capital". According to the different kinds of sheep, it is divided into the sheepskin, the kazak sheep, the sheep and so on.

The skin of the sheep is characterized by its thin skin, soft and smooth texture, fine pores, uneven parts, and a flat circle. Sheep skin is a kind of leather ground raw material in leather clothing.

The sheep skin also breaks the traditional style, and the processing becomes embossed, washable, printing and so on many different kinds of styles.

Sheep skin mostly made leather clothing, leather gloves, can also make upper leather, for high-grade leather shoes, wear extremely soft and comfortable.