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Slipper maintenance technique
Apr 28, 2018

As the name implies, indoor slippers are mainly worn indoors, and should be worn outdoors as much as possible. In particular, the soles of PVC, EVA and so on are worn out a few times.


Note waterproof and moistureproof, even the bathroom slippers, and should not be placed in damp environment for a long time, should be kept in a cool ventilated place, fluffy slippers to wear basically three days, should be taken by dust, in the sun, to keep dry and comfortable.

Careful cleaning

Slippers should not be exposed to the sun, and should be reduced as often as possible. Some of the slippers are made of cardboard, such as sewn shoes, and slippers with a bottom, which should be cleaned carefully.


In the autumn, the rigid summer slippers should be put into the shoe cabinet to avoid extrusion, and after they are removed in the early summer of the next year, they can be used only after they have been cleaned.

In spring, it is best to put the paper with camphor balls in the inside of the shoes.