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Slipper selection method
Apr 28, 2018


The simplest method, good slippers, no pungent smell, no pungent fragrance.


Good slippers, the fabric color is positive, the embroidery pattern is beautiful three-dimensional feeling strong, the embroider line is full, still have to observe the fabric that USES inside the slippers is good not good.


The quality of the slippers, no cutting corners, the selection of material grams is relatively high, filling sponge thickness is relatively large. Nature will be more biased than poor shoes.


Good quality slippers, with the hand folded it will not appear white, belong to authentic rubber material. Not easy to break, flexible, good, no smell. If fold, the part that the sole folds starts to send white immediately, restore original form, fold the place change color, deform, that nature is bad bottom. Most of the raw materials used are crushed powder and bleached to add flavor. This kind of bottom once pass 2 times cleaning life is not long. The weather is so cold that it is weathered to pieces.