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Slippers are a kind of shoes with full heels
Apr 28, 2018

Slipper is a kind of shoe, heel is completely empty, only have the shoe head in front, much is flat, material is often very light soft leather material, plastic, cloth and so on. The types of slippers are distinguished by the occasion and the performance. Beach slippers, for example, would not be cloth, plastic, this is in order to waterproof, good cleaning, shoe type also specially designed, often referred to as flip-flops, which is what we call the flip-flops. But indoor slippers in winter, in order to keep warm, may use fuzzy cloth, instead of plastic, so that people have better enjoyment in the bedroom. Other electronic factory and dustproof workshop commonly used anti-static slippers.

Slippers, the latter half of the shoes without shoes, are generally worn indoors. Usually refers to under the premise of not hurt shoes and feet, only through the shoes or feet, or at the foot of the shoes and the direction parallel to the three processes of the soles of the feet, or sole inside the approximate plane and the movement of the axis of leg extension cord coplanar and can make the shoes and feet separation, slippers has been widely used in people's everyday life.