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The following four points should be noted when choosing a down jacket.
Apr 28, 2018

Pay attention to the amount of wool. It is the key to determine the quality of the down jacket, which is usually 70% and above, with a certain degree of unkempt and soft feeling. The amount of suede is related to the degree of warmth of the down jacket, which should be determined according to the needs of the clothes.

Notice resilience. The specific method is to press the fluffy down jacket, loosen and quickly bounce back and restore the original, indicating that the feather is good. If the suede is low, mixed with a certain amount of wool or comminuted wool, the rebound flexibility is poor, carry in the hand has the heavy feeling. The down product surface, the lining material should have the anti-drill down property, after the flapping to find the down product of the drilling down to be inferior quality.

Pay attention to air permeability. Down jacket can not drill down, but also must have a certain air permeability. If the fabric of the down jacket, the material, the gallbladder air permeability difference, can cause the water vapor in the process to be not easy to send out, cause humidity and feel uncomfortable, and after washing, not easy to dry.

Note the smell of the down jacket. A pungent down jacket should be avoided.