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Buy Time For Down Jackets
Apr 28, 2018

Down jacket as a high price clothing category, the original price has been expensive. With the high price of the garment industry, it is hard for the majority of working class consumers to buy their favorite down jacket.

According to the experience of shopping, the best time to buy a down jacket is during the big discount period of spring and summer clothing. Because people in less demand for the season in spring and summer clothing, rush to deal with the season clothing dealers will also clothing discount promotion, it's usually the season clothing will be below fifty percent or discount. Buying down jackets in spring and summer allows you to easily buy higher-quality, better quality winter objects in the budget.

In addition, the big holiday period also might as well go to the mall to turn a circle or attention to domestic and foreign each big e-commerce sites, maybe there will be a holiday breaks, the May Day holiday, National Day, Christmas holiday Boxingday (26 December in Hong Kong or foreign) should be the most crazy year discount period, the Spring Festival is to promote the most crazy time.

Buy down jacket should according to their own needs to determine the thickness and style, such as physical cold can choose long long down jacket to keep warm even keep out the cold, want to highlight good figure scale down also might as well try a short paragraph.

But one thing that must be noted is that people with special allergies, allergic rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and asthma can't wear down jackets. Because these people for animal fur, poultry feathers will produce allergic reaction, often have a skin rash, hives, itching and nasal pharyngeal itching, eye itch, runny nose, cough, chest tightness, and even asthma symptoms.

Therefore, the above types of people should avoid wearing down down products, instead of all cotton clothes.