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Coat The Origin
Apr 28, 2018

In about 1730, a man's coat appeared in the upper classes of Europe. Its style is generally in the waist transverse splicing, the waistline fits, at that time the dress coat or the long coat. In the 1820s, the overcoat became the daily life dress, with length to the knees, the big lapel, the waist style, the front row with single row and double row. In about 1860, the length of the overcoat became knee-length, with no seams in the waist, lapels and lapels, with velvet or furs in the collars, and a bag made of coarse fabric. The women's coat appeared at the end of the 19th century. It was developed on the basis of the long coat of women's wool. The coat was long, large lapel and waist style, most of which were made of velvet. Western coats were introduced to China in the mid-19th century with suits.

Coat, ancient woman's dress, from the tang dynasty. To the Ming dynasty. Song gao cheng "the food and clothes" : "the shang and zhou dynasty, the internal and external life of the women. The tang dynasty skirt with a large sleeve for the lichen. In the kaiyuan, the woman saw her uncle and aunt, and she wore a step, which was made of the coat, which was made up here.

A double-breasted coat, one of a variety of styles, its origin is associated with military affairs. It first appeared in the British royal navy's apprentice crew in the early 18th century. "Peacoat" comes from the Dutch "Pijjekker", which means "coarse wool". In English pronunciation, its pronunciation is gradually changed to "pea-jacket" and then to "pea-coat". The soldiers moved from one port to another, affecting an increasing number of European fleets who like to wear this functional jacket. Its French name "caban" comes from the Sicilian "cabbanu", which was developed by the Arabic "gag" (cloak, tunic). The double-breasted coat began its journey across the Atlantic until it was used by the U.S. navy in 1881. Until then, it had been an official naval outfit. By the 1990s, everything had changed. The use of double-breasted coats, from soldiers to civilians, often runs counter to the original purpose. France, like many countries, has a uniform or military medal. Once the features of these times have been removed, double-breasted overcoats appear on the streets of winter and become a new style of overcoat. And in the last few years, the double-breasted overcoat became a quality overcoat.