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Down Jacket Purchase Mistake
Apr 28, 2018

1. The higher the wool, the better.

According to the state regulations, the amount of suede in the down jacket should not be less than 50%. But it is generally believed that the higher the wool, the warmer it is. This is not a completely correct statement: first, the amount of wool is compared to the same type of down jacket, and a long down jacket is not comparable with a down vest. In fact, there is no obvious effect on the thermal insulation effect of 80% and 90% of the same type of down jacket. In general cases, 70% to 80% of the down jackets have satisfied the requirements of most people.

2. The thicker the jacket, the warmer?

It refers to the total weight of all down of the down jacket, which is related to the size, length and style of the clothes. However, it is important to note that the more the clothes are, the more warm the down jacket is. As the filling density increases, the loss of heat through the filling material increases. As previously described, improve the feather filling volume is the key to improve the warmth retention property, the same RongLiang filling, the higher the volume, heat insulation feather contains the more air, so the heat insulation performance is better. This is also the market of some light down jacket, the thermal effect is also very good reason. Some of the down jackets with a large amount of suede are mixed with feather, wool and pulverized wool. Even with the same amount of suede, the unkempt has decreased.

3. The softer, the better?

In fact, the quality of the feather contains a certain amount of fine feather stalk is very normal, if the touch is particularly soft, a bit of pedicle can not be touched, such products also should be carefully purchased. Because some manufacturers will take down the down clothes, fluffy cotton, and feather pieces, fill in the clothes, as down to deceive consumers. Not only does it fail to achieve good insulation, it may not be healthy.

4, white duck down is warmer than grey duck down, and goose down is warmer than duck down.

The feather garment selects white duck down and grey duck down to decide according to the color depth of the garment fabric, generally speaking, the fabric color is lighter in white duck down, the color is darker, the grey duck down is used as the filler. There are also some merchants who claim that goose feathers are stuffed into down jackets that are warmer than duck down, but in fact they are almost as warm as duck down.

Down is by far the best natural material for human thermal insulation, after washing, drying, grading and other processes, it is made into a down jacket. In comparison with man-made materials, the eiderdown is three times as warm as the average synthetic material.

The Chinese zhou dynasty has used the feathers of the birds and animals to make the feathers, also known as the wearing clothes. The han dynasty used yak hair to make clothes. In the tang dynasty, the wool of goose was used to make clothes. After the first world war, the feather garment formed industrial production. Shanghai yong ChengFu down feather hair factory & eiderdown products factory (1927) (1944) is China's early a little scale down production enterprises, but at the time the production of feather products are cloth with soft nap of faults, the problem in the 1970 s due to the presence of the coated fabric, make down jacket cloth of this defect is overcome, down jacket became the main essentials winter clothing.

Down jacket is the main product of the down industry. Down is made of Down and Feather.

The high grade down jacket usually chooses more than 90% white goose down or more than 90% white duck down, the real more than 90% of the down jacket is warm, the unkempt is high, the down jacket is light and comfortable. It is generally used to use a down jacket of 90% down, and the amount of suede is 230g~320g (according to the size of the product). It is suitable for the environment in the north of -20c ~ -30c. Down jacket if touched with the hand, if you touch that a lot of hair stem is not 90% down, if this down jacket with the hand pressure and open up, 90% eiderdown fluff soon reply to the original state, if by hand press and then let it go down jacket or pianpian way! Maybe the down jacket you bought is not up to 90% down, the amount is not enough, and the warmth is very low.

Down is a feather that is not covered with a feather, and many clusters of filaments grow on its feathered branches, forming a stable thermal protection layer through the filaments of the velvet. Therefore, the wool is the main material of the down. Each ounce has about two million filaments. Better quality velvet filaments longer, velvet flower also larger accordingly, Feather, Feather is duck or goose back and tail with small Feather Feather bar, also have a long break after the formation of the feathers, Feather of the content is not too high, but because it has the effect of increase the down volume, therefore must contain a certain proportion. After washing, drying and grading, the down jacket is made into a down jacket. Become winter clothing. Down jacket with a good warm, soft and fluffy, convenient washing, cheap, green and natural advantages, so consumers increasingly strong demand for down jacket, down jacket market is a large space for development.