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Fur Gives The Autumn And Winter Wedding Another Chic
Sep 16, 2018

When we saw Monique Lhullier celebrating the 20th anniversary of the design of the wedding dress, our thoughts were brought to the winter wedding. When it comes to weddings, everyone will think of spring or summer and think of a grand outdoor lawn wedding. Of course, everyone likes the clear skies on the day of the wedding, and the warm and comfortable weather means the beginning of a good outdoor wedding! But the mysterious elements of this Monique Lhullier wedding dress series, so that you will not worry about the season change, comfortable and warm without losing the eternal elegance, this is the charm of fur!


“When I first entered the business, I noticed that there was something missing in the bride’s wedding dress design. This time, it seems that I created a very simple halter dress, but the fur elements that fit into it are just right. The idea of a special wedding that the bride wants is coincident: chic and eternal. I am always thinking about what women are pursuing. What exactly makes them feel the most beautiful in the most special days? ”


I personally prefer a winter wedding. Snow flakes fall on the carpet, and the glittering icicles are decorated, the feeling is sacred and romantic, and the winter gives the wedding a more solemn and more formal atmosphere. Some brides wear luxurious silk satin dresses, and some wear Battenberg lace dresses with pearls, sequins or crystals, all of which look beautiful! Still want to be more stylish? No doubt - strapless fur evening dress. Don't hesitate to lock up the Monique Lhullier 2016 wedding dress collection, whether it's hooded or long-sleeved, it will make you feel comfortable, warm, confident and elegant.

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