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How To Choose A Coat
Apr 28, 2018

The selection of overcoats is also very particular, such as a mink coat, first of all, it is suggested to buy a large brand of fur in the big department store, to pave the fur, and to catch it by hand, to see it.

Deny MAO, do you have any hard ring, hand feel, see if juncture place even, if there is any shadow and look after the armpits and the collar, fur is not good, the good brand advantage of consumers (MEYENG) 】, skip on fur with the hand, see if there are any less hair, look for places to prick the hand, the whole fur coat better, had better not buy a small bar splicing, female best buy mother sable wide, soft and light. Inside is also very important, if have the work that drag out furs is not good, don't buy inside too thin and bright.

Coat is a common Coat, Coat  below the waist and length. The coat is usually long sleeve, open in front and can be buttoned, zipper, devil felt or belt. Have warm or beautiful effect. In ancient times, the coat was used to refer to the dress of the ancient woman, which was used in the tang dynasty and was used in the Ming dynasty. The western coat, as it is now known, was introduced to China in the mid-19th century with suits.