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How To Clean The Fur
Feb 11, 2019

high-grade fur cleaning (skin)

Washing powder: magnesium oxide powder, talcum powder ratio 1:1

Washing method: Spread the fur on the washing case, evenly coat the hair with the sponge powder, repeatedly rub the special dirty parts, let stand for 24 hours, clean the hair powder with a brush, and then put the fur on the portrait. On the air mold, the powder is blown off with an air spray gun, and the hair is shrunk in the forward direction with a fine-toothed comb.

2, ordinary fur cleaning (sheep skin)

Washing solvent: 95% alcohol Normal amount: Alcohol 200-250ml

Washing powder: talcum powder commonly used: talc powder 500-1000 g

Washing method: put the fur on the portrait air mold, use the air spray gun to evenly atomize the alcohol solvent onto the hair, and repeatedly rub the hair with the sponge powder, supplemented with light and fine, and clean the hair with a brush. Powder, then use the air spray gun to wash the powder clean, and use a thin tooth comb to smooth the hair in the forward direction.

Common species of fur

Rabbit hair

The rabbit fur is divided into grass rabbits and rex rabbits. The grass rabbits usually have a needle hair, which has a hairy tip and a long hair. However, there is no soft and bright hair on the hairy rabbit, and there is no thick density of the rabbit. This directly gives the rabbit fur. It is much more expensive than grass rabbit fur.

Fox hair

The fox fur is very long, and is generally divided into silver fox fur and blue fox fur. The silver fox is generally solid color, different in length, thicker than the blue fox fur, the hair tip is gradually grayish, the root gradually becomes white; the blue fox is fine and uniform. Relative to the silver fox hair, the color is white, used for clothing more dyed, the density is also thicker than silver fox. Silver fox fur is more expensive than blue fox fur.

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