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Nothing Can Stop The Love Of Natural Fur
Sep 16, 2018

Holding the kangaroo baby, Gisele Bundchen, wearing faux fur, was on the cover of the latest issue of the VOGUE Paris edition. The editors hope to take the opportunity to promote the faux fur and be fashionable. However, not long ago the cover of the magazine was Luna Bijl wearing a GUCCI pink natural fox fur coat.



Luna Bijl wears a GUCCI fan fox fur coat to cover the cover

The public media's fashion propaganda on artificial fur will undoubtedly bring a little boost to the "anti-crime". In reality, however, artificial fur is not as attractive as they are reported. Giselle's appearance was originally intended to support sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. Unfortunately, artificial fur is actually unsustainable and harmful to the environment and energy.


One can't help but wonder if Giselle's position will be as unsustainable as the faux fur coat she wore. After all, she was considered to have given up natural fur in 2004, but after many years she was photographed several times wearing her coat with natural fur trimming during her winter walk, even in New York last November. In the photo, she also wore a fur-striped bike jacket.


Undoubtedly, the eternal elegance of natural fur itself is more persuasive than the glamorous external propaganda effect. No such people have tried it before, and it is not a failure...


In 1994, PETA attempted to use a combination of five legendary supermodels against natural fur: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and El McPherson. That would be, each of them claimed: "I would rather be naked than to wear fur."


The vigorous "anti-crime" activity at that time became a distant memory today. Nowadays, the fashion industry's love for fur is stronger than ever, and its popularity is growing. These former supermodels eventually realized that it was naive to give up the choice of naked skin by natural fur.


From the past to the present, from private service to fashion blockbusters, Kate Moss, who has no shortage of fur, clearly stated, "I want to wear it, you can't 

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