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Apr 28, 2018

Slimming coat has a better weight loss effect. A long coat, a waist - up design will make the lower body look longer. An overcoat with a sense of quality can be worn sporty, casual or formal. If you are wearing short skirts and shorts, it's also very fashionable.

Pink coat tie-in: winter many love beauty MM people do not like to choose heavy down coat, prefer cotton clothes or the coat that is a kind of woolen cloth as a street. Like nifty style MM people will choose bright pink overcoat to match other item.

Pale pink coat match all show the beautiful princess wind restoring ancient ways, very noble temperament, miss soft fur collar warmer, slim waist style of performance, bowknot adornment, after the sweet nifty.

Naked pink wool overcoat, coat warm nude white water moistening skin, powdery lead times to add princess breath, sweet date is necessary, eliminate the skirt of lace, the temptation is extremely. The pink overcoat collocation wave point bottom pants, the whole with nude pink gives priority to, cast aside the dull color of the past winter, let the winter glow radiantly.

The color of pink is very pure and fresh and soft, suitable for light and tender color. Tie-in white wool hat adding qiu dong, coat design determines the inside take hundred degeneration, knit dress is the most convenient to wear, also can match the white shirt, skirt, such as excellent shape, sweet lady.

Camel woolen cloth coat collocation: runway or show, as the British wind hot, the color of camel's hair form in autumn and winter with the situation, can grasp classic color, black and white after the third choice in winter coat of camel's hair woolen cloth coat stand out, this between tobacco color and fawn elegant is tonal, perfect deduce the most concise low-key clipping way reveals noble temperament coat, let's look at how to use the color of camel's hair woolen cloth coat collocation to deduce the concept of fashion.

The style of the camel's tweed coat is synonymous with the elegance of autumn and winter. Simple design, exquisite clipping, how to build not to reduce its elegant amorous feelings.