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The Collocation Method Of Scarf
Apr 28, 2018

The scarf brought many memories of the autumn, knitting a warm card, and, of course, the beautiful silk that was flowing in the streets of autumn. The logo of the scarf is surprisingly elegant, and can be handled exquisitely by silk scarves or long scarves. Twining, thus tender; Be close to the neck, and therefore charming. In the fall, we can embrace the scarf. In the not cold autumn, faced with the autumn wind, the scarf is a token resistance, posturing. Some said the people who like the scarf a little narcissism, because wearing a scarf looks more clear, better able to adjust a perfect complexion, foil or makeup look, so only love their own people can wear a scarf. Even in a cold autumn, wear sleeveless, collarless, with a scarf to dress up, this is the fashionable people of this fall fashion. As long as the color is dazzling, soft and warm scarf, not only can drive away cool idea, more can write a scarf different style to write expression. Or be cool, or be gentle, and the magic of the scarf is magical.

Scarf method: the scarf that folds into the proper width hangs from the front to the neck, the scarf ends at the neck and then crosses to the chest. This can make style common scarf modelling, in integral collocation effect can give a person fresh and refreshing feeling. This scarf will make the neck slightly shaggy, so when matching the coat, you should set up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it doesn't look bloated.

The scarf can keep the cold winter cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also can reflect the dynamic flowing water of gentleness, around the long scarf to let a woman express ten thousand amorous feelings.