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The Common Fabric And Characteristics Of Down Jacket
Apr 28, 2018

Down jacket surface mainly adopts coated fabric and coated fabric choose weft yarn density of fabric such as silk, cotton, polyester cotton, the rolling pressure processing, narrowing the gap between the weft yarn, and then coated with polymer slurry, make and fabric to form chain transparent skin membrane layer, on the gap closed fabric warp/weft. Some of the coating slurry is added with fluorophosphorus resin or silicone waterproof agent, so that the fabric has the properties of dew proof and impermeable water.

Principle editor of thermal insulation

Down to the three dimensional structure, good quality down jacket is generally very fluffy, so the same weight of down and feather can be more than the other materials fixed air, a large number of down and feather filament interlace together to hold the air, and form a protective layer of insulation, so as to realize good thermal performance.

Down - down garment stipulates that the suede should not be less than 50%, but the higher the wool content, the stronger the thermal insulation performance. We can judge the quality of the clothes by observing the unkempt of the clothes.

Birds of feather layer is very full, in the cold winter, they can be "naked" for the winter, so is the use feathers remain stationary air, let their own temperature isolated safe and warm for the winter.