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The Down Jacket Picks The Door
Apr 28, 2018

1. Smell the down coat and ignore the pungent or smelly ones. It has been explained that goose down is more expensive than duck down because it is tasteless and the duck down. But as I have mentioned earlier, goose down and duck down processing way is same, have a taste of cloth with soft nap (goose down and duck down) belong to the unqualified products, don't buy it.

2, to have a look at the sign marked down jacket, basic information is complete, mainly downcontent, filling RongLiang manufacturer, variety of villi, and basic information, but generally does not contain the volume of information, that you can be consulting the seller directly.

3, carefully touch down jacket lining, if you think of stab thorn, is that the dress in the feathers of the content is higher (see above, the specific reasons about the concept of "down"), quality should not be very good. If you don't touch it, it shows that the garment has a relatively high amount of suede and is warm.

4, you can see in the next few down jacket together, use the same strength respectively hold the clothes to the surface of the rebound the faster time down jacket, the better the quality of volume (shows). And for the same down jacket, the larger the volume, the more fluffy the down jacket.

5, the last is forcibly taps a down jacket, if you have hair or dust, means that this down jacket its down-proof fabric is very poor or suture needle is too large, such can more through the down jacket down jacket, waterproof and breathable is not too good, do not recommend buying for this.

Here, I share the doorways of the down jacket in the store. And for online shopping, especially overseas shopping, the author thinks the most important is to look at the relevant parameters of the down jacket and other users' evaluation. But I don't think my online shopping is really the online shopping -- I will do the offline research first, and I will not place the order according to the information on the Internet. So if you have a lot of online shopping experience, namely through online text and picture information, without physical investigation to find contentment down jacket, I welcome you to reply!