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The Down Jacket Production Step
Apr 28, 2018

1. Line reference samples and drawings;

2. Stitch length: 11-13 needle /3cm bright line, 12-14 needle /3cm dark trace. 11# machine needle for joint seam, 9# machine needle for lead wire; 

3. Line hue (except special requirement), and the surface line is used with the body hue line;

4. The line of each part should be straight. There are no two single hop and continuous jumping needle in 30cm of sewing thread, and no jumping needle is allowed.

The surface, the bottom line should be relaxed and appropriate, the starting and falling all need to return the needle;

5. Fold the sleeves: first draw the pleats on the single garment, then the lint line. The pleating line and the shoulder seam pair seam;

6. Vapor eye and color gasket;

7. The large body zipper is required to be flat and not to rise. The flap of the front of the door is requested to be left to the right, and a 0.1cm bright line;

8. After the main and small nails are included; Wash marks in the left side of the left side of the left side to mark the mouth;

9. All lining joints are required to be covered;

10. The inner surface of the cuff is sewn;

11. The decorative line of 1CM decoration will be filled with the first line;

12. The cotton is on the lining, and the hat circumference is 0.1cm clear line, and the front mouth of the hat is 0.1+2.5cm. The bottom of the hat is 0.1 line. The hat seam strap. Specific reference drawings for nanowires;

13. Shoulder seams, armpits, and pockets;

14. The semi-finished product must be small, ironed and flat, without the aurora;

15. Other specific practices refer to the sample clothing;