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The Scarf Modelling
Apr 28, 2018

Is scarf around her neck of rectangular, triangular, square, such as fabric, fabric usually use wool, cotton, silk, modal, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc, usually to keep warm, can also be worn because of beautiful, clean or religious.

Temperament type

Simply wrap the scarf around the neck and wrap it around the neck, and if the scarf is soft enough to fit properly around it, it will bring a sense of "European and American style".

The gentle type

Fold the scarf neatly into a triangle shape, keep the corners in front, or use a scarf to fasten it.

Contracted type

In dress too drab, need to decorate, scarf, is a best choice, simple to arrange and tidy, hanging in the neck, can not only decoration, but also resist the air conditioning cold wind brought filar silk cool idea.