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To Overcome The VS Down Jacket, Are You Still Struggling To Buy What?
Sep 09, 2018

The key to the overcoming and down jacket is to look at the inner liner. Some Parker coats are animal fur, while the down jacket is duck down. The animal fur is warmer than the duck down. Some Parker coats are also duck down, and the fabric is overcome. It is usually nylon cloth, and its warmth is not as good as that of high-density fabrics.


If it is warm, the down jacket is not as warm as every one. Down jackets are filled with a lot of down (usually duck down) to maintain warmth, but the more the amount of fluffing, the more warm.

The warmth of the down jacket depends on the bulkiness, but the lighter down jacket will have a better warmth, because the fluffy fluff is more fluffy, and the air contained in the down will be more.


The down jacket is more bloated than the Parker coat, and because of its fluffy feel, it makes people look like a ball. It is recommended not to choose a too fluffy down jacket, which has a top-heavy feeling.



The hat-punk coat with a thick fur collar feels warm enough to think about it. It is said that Parker Coat is a very cold area, invented in order to withstand the cold weather, so it must be warmer than the down jacket.

Like other ordinary coats, Parker coats are also divided into short and long models. If you want to be a bit more spiritual, then Xiaobian suggests that you choose a short Parker coat, because the short coat will make you look spirited.


If you want to catch up with this year's trend, then Xiaobian suggests that you choose a long section, preferably over the knee, which is even warmer.

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