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Raccoon Fur Collar Parka with Down LiningProduct Item: Parka Coat
Type:Down Jacket Parka
Brand Name: EACHOO
Model Number: EHCP006

Product Item:  Parka  Coat    

Type:Down Jacket Parka  

Brand Name: EACHOO

Model Number: EHCP006

Color: Shell Color: Light Blue

Age Group: Young Girl                                  

Supply Type: Stock type

Shell Material:100% Nylon

Fur Type: Real Raccoon Fur

Filling Type: 90% Down 10% Polyester

Design: Big Fur Collar and Fur Edge Winter coats

We could make the Style for any Designs for your special requirements.

raccoon fur collar  parka with down lining 1.jpg

raccoon fur collar  parka with down lining 2.jpgraccoon fur collar  parka with down lining 3.jpgraccoon fur collar  parka with down lining 4.jpgraccoon fur collar  parka with down lining.jpg

Technology of fur

1 Design - 2 to determine material - 3 to make samples - 4 samples - 5 trimming - 6 material - 7 leather - 8 skin - 9 nail skin - 10 peels - 11 car seams - 12 two times nail skin type - embroidery stitch lining.

It can be said that every step is very complex and can not be lost at half point, and each step has its special processing technology, which requires extreme care and precision. In foreign countries, many fur processors will pass on their skills to their next generation.


1. All animals are domesticated

All of our products are made from the animals which are from farmland .we refuse using the wild and endangered animals. wild.1.

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